Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's going on this Summer in Maui.

The Summer of 2011 cannot be any better with all the exciting events that have been going on.  Even Megan Fox is coming to join the party. Last weekend we kicked off the summer weekend with some rockin music concerts on Maui.  The Kapalua Wine Festival was a amazing but if you missed it don't worry there are plenty of events coming up this summer.  
If you are in town, be sure to check out some upcoming music events in June (the Stylistics and the Guitar Festival).  Also check out the Maui Film Festival in Wailea between June 15th - 19th for an enchanting evening under the stars.  Kids under 12 go for free on the 15th and the 19th, so we'll be down there with the family on one of the nights. 
Also, Lahaina has their Annual Kamehameha Day Parade on Saturday June 18th.  For more info, you can check out this local blog for events and schedule.  Here is another great video that explains the all about the Pu'a Parade.  
(don't worry, the mess will be taken care of) 
A lot of fantastic festivities will be going on this summer in Lahaina, but if you can't make the parade, it's okay, we still have lots of adorable animals at the house you can play with.  Our kitties are 6 weeks old and will be sticking around the house for at least another two weeks so stop by and get some kitty love at the Best Place to Stay in Lahaina! That's us! 
Make sure that you pack you bags tight! Our in house security pig will assist you before you depart.  Please make sure not to bring any agricultural items in your bag or she will eat them (Yes, that's airplane peanuts and the occasional mint scented toothpaste too.)
If you still haven't decided where you are going to stay on Maui. Here's a video of our neighborhood in Lahaina.  I really love our Paradise in Lahaina. 
Also, I made a quick video on my latest breakfast recipe.  If you are lucky, I may have some farm fresh eggs and will make you something yummy to eat! This is a modified recipe for Eggs is a Frame with extra extra cheese. Enjoy!  See you this summer! 

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