Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer is Finally Here!

Aloha Everyone! We have decided to update our Lahaina Bungalow site every month to provide the latest information about what's going on in Lahaina. 
Recently our beautiful Siamese cat, Rosebud has five kittens that will be at the house for at least another month to play with if you stop by.  
Also, our aquaponic system is doing very well, we have been able to harvest basil, cucumbers, lettuce and a few peas so far.  The Hawaiian Taro Plant seems to be thriving with the aquaponic set up, but we haven't eaten any yet. Over the summer, we are hoping to get eggplant, zucchinis, lilikoi and guavas.  
We have also been taking a lot of our guests to private island excursions and visit many local spots like a bicycle powered smoothie stand in Kipahulu or Friday Pizza Night near the Black Sand Beach at the Banana Stand. If you are feeling really adventurous, ask us about the Treehouses too!
Here is a recent list of in-house activities that we provide for our guest.  These are exclusive deals for the Lahaina Bungalow. If you are planning to stay in Lahaina, make sure you check us out or some of our other friendly rental properties in Lahaina. 

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