Sunday, March 6, 2011

Water Lettuce Anyone?

After a few days of rain, we finally got a little sun on Sunday in Lahaina.  I spent the majority of the afternoon panting all types of vegetable in our garden for our guests to enjoy.  I brought a water lettuce plant inside and put it in a large glass vase.  Do you see the sunlight in our kitchen? 
That's my kid brother hard at work in the garden.  Only his first week on Maui and after all the rain, his tan in slowly settling in.  I can't wait until we have enough lettuce, herbs and veggies so that when people stay at the Lahaina Bungalow they can get fresh greens right from our backyard. I try to keep fresh flowers throughout the Lahaina Bungalow so everyone can enjoy a taste of the tropics. 
These are some fragrant tuberose flowers that my hunnie got for me they other day! I'm one lucky girl!  Come and see what's blooming when you're in town.

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