Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Shark Pit

This morning we took the dogs out to play in the Shark Pit!

Not only is this beach a haven for the dogs to play, but it is also a great place to kayak, take a morning jog, and even catch some hollow surf!Only a short walk from the Lahaina Bungalow, this beach is great for relaxing and escaping the crowd. You may see us at the beach with any one of our Paradise Pets. Do you see Hulk and Muffin playing in the water?? Follow the beach right into the Lahaina Harbor and the Banyan Tree where you can enjoy an afternoon picnic or check out some of the great restaurants, shops and live music in town. Don't worry about the sharks at this beach they won't bother you, but you may spot the occasional monk seals that have made their home here.

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