Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lahaina "Surf" Bungalow Remodel

Spring in almost here and we have been hard at work remodeling the Lahaina Bungalow.  Some of you may remember our previous changes we made to the Ocean Room and the Boom Boom Room.  This is our Room #2 that still has no name.  I was thinking of By the Shore or something to do with surf, but I have not figured it out yet.  Totally open to suggestions. This is the before picture:
And here is the After!
We also made some changes to the kitchen.  We got rid of all the off white wall and painted the walls with contrasting colors of salmon and lime green. The white space in between the accent walls keeps the room feeling spacious.

 How do you like to bright colors we have in the kitchen! Wait until you see the sunset! Through the kitchen window.
 Seems like the Kids from the neighborhood are enjoyed the changes.  They love to place with our dogs in the pool.  Have a few more updates coming up so stay tuned!

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